Forewords and Welcoming Notes

Forewords and Welcoming Notes

Judges at Worldchef Battlefield
  • Zubir Zain Zubir Zain
    Zubir Zain

    Zubir Zain

    Dear fellow chefs, friends & colleagues from industry.

    It gives me a great pleasure to welcoming you to one of the most prestigious culinary competition, the first of its kind in the region-The WORLDCHEF BATTLEFIELD(WCB) 2020--Champion of the Masters-Season 2.

    WCB 2020 will be the second season after the successful of WCB 2019 held at Movenpick Hotel & Convention Centre KLIA Malaysia from 4th- 8th April 2019. WCB 2019 has attracted 16 professional elite culinary teams from Asian and Africa Continent battling in 4 days which saw Indonesia Culinary team walked away as Champion of the Masters.

    WCB 2020 organized by CZ RestaurantGroup, we plan to bring new perspective by converting the game of culinary reality show into an arena of culinary championship that reflects real situation through a series of real culinary battle among professional chef around the globe. Unlike any other culinary championship format that based on categorical challenges, this will be the first chef’s league based culinary championship ever held in Asia.

    WCB 2020 will again represented by sixteen (16) invited elite professional culinary teams from Malaysia, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Middle East and Africa continents competing each other from 23rd-26th September 2020 to clinch the world title of WORLDCHEF BATTLEFIELD 2020-Champion of the Masters-Season 2.

    I personaly believed that this event will showcase spectacular culinary skills, packed of dramas, actions and art of extensive range of cuisines featuring highly skill world class professionals chef representing world known establishment around the globe. Along with a panel of WACS accredited judges from the international and national corridors, WCB is endorsed by World Association of Chef’s Societies (WACS), supported by Professional Culinaire Malaysia (PCA) and will be following world standard adjudication rules by WACS.

    To all international competing teams, I welcome you to Malaysia, a nation with multiracial society, amazing culinary pickings infused with cross etchnic from both east and west. Enjoy the competition and have a pleasant and memorable stay.

    I wish to express my heartfelt thank you to WCB 2020 Royal Patron His Royal Highnes Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong Tunku Hajah Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah Binti Almarhum Mutawakkil Alallah Sultan Iskandar Al-Haj, CZ RestaurantGroup, distinguished judges, PCA Malaysia, host venue, sponsors, media partners, WCB organizing committee and colleagues from industry.

    Culinary Regards,

    Zubir Zain
    Chairman/Project Owner/Executive Producer
    Worldchef Battlefield 2020, Malaysia

  • Dr. Rick Stephen Dr. Rick Stephen
    Dr. Rick Stephen

    Dr. Rick Stephen

    Yes this is what you see on televission, one plate is done and the hand are in the air!..... All clap, then 4 plates appear?

    Now you have the oppourtunity to compete or watch the real deal. WCB-Champion of the Masters, will be real live cooking, in front of real culinary judges as it happens with no editing, real food, real chefs, real COMPETITION!

    This competition has beed brainwave of Chef Zubir from Kuala Lumpur, and the first WCB 2019 was successfully exceuted at Movenpick Hotel & Convention Centre KLIA from 4th - 8th april 2019.

    This will be the football World Cup of cooking, where teams do battle and will be eliminated until we got down to a final.

    There is no “Ego’s” on show, just skills, talent, professionalism and your rights to be the BEST on challenging but level playing field.

    WCB 2020 Season 2 will be housed at The Ballroom, Premiera Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, will be equal to any Battlefield in Worldchefs, BUT live to television and the viewers. Chefs around the world gather your talent your skills and meet us here in Kuala Lumpur for what will be a battle royal where cooking will go down to the wire.

    This event has the support of the WorldChefs body, the governing body and spoke people of our industry around the world!

    We look foward to welcoming your team and you into Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!!

    Challenge your and challenge the world!!


    Rick Stephen
    Continental Director - Asia
    World Association of Chefs Society
    Worldchef BattleField 2020, Malaysia

  • Otto Weible Otto Weible
    Otto Weible

    Otto Weible

    Dear Chef Zubir,

    I’m extremely happy to hear that you and your team is organizing the 2nd seasons of the Worldchef Battlefield Champion of the Masters in 2020

    It is the most exciting live food competition I have ever been involved in as a judge .It gives international and local chefs team a life platform to show of their skill and creativity in front of a live TV and public.

    Each participant team will have the opportunity to compete two times in group stage preliminary round and only the best will move to the next knock out round . Chefs have to plan their menus on the spot after selecting the best and freshest ingredients on stage from a extremely well designed and wonderful food market. It will show off the teamwork and skill of each team in creating and execute their creation to perfection which will then be judged by international jury. I’m confident that the 2020 Worldchef Battlefield will be again a great success and very special for all spectators and teams

    I wish to see teams from all over the world to come to Malaysia to support this wonderful and most exciting competition. I’m looking forward to an exciting and fair competition which I’m very proud of to be part as the Chief Judge. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Chef Zubir and his team all the luck and success for the Worldchef Battlefield Champions of the Masters 2020 .Please come and support this wonderful and most exciting food competition you will be up to see and witness a live TV food show never been seen before I wish all the participating teams good luck and a wonderful competition and let’s hope the best team will be the Champion!!!

    See you all in Malaysia 2020!!!

    With Culinary regards,

    Otto Weibel
    WACS Culinary Competition Committe
    Chief Jury
    Worldchef Battlefield 2020

  • Kamaruddin Adnin Kamaruddin Adnin
    Kamaruddin Adnin

    Kamaruddin Adnin

    Dear friends, chefs and colleagues,

    Welcome to Worldchef Battlefiled – Champion of The Masters 2020-Season 2

    WCB – Champion of the Masters are focusing in upgrading the skill and the quality in competition. The organizing committee has raised the par in the standard requirement of the competition and looking forward to achieve and recognize the highest level of new creations and techniques skill in culinary and patisseries categories with applicable, advance and innovative idea.

    With high standard of WACS competitions happening around the world, we encourage you to be open minded and share your ideas, knowledge, skill and techniques to make this event a memorable and fascinating one. WCB – Champion of the Masters can assure you that this is going to be an event packed with lots of actions, craft and skills from 16 professionals invited elite culinary team from Asia, Europe, Oceania, Middle East and Africa to win World Title of the WCB – Champion of the Masters 2020.

    Please remember our partners who have seen us through. We owe them many thanks. Without them, our event would not able to move forward, and we would not been able to create the platform and opportunity for chefs.

    With this, we invite you to join us to express our deepest gratitude to CZ RestaurantGroup organizing committee, organizing chairman, official host venue, sponsors and Professional Culinaire Association (PCA). Thanks to board of Worldchefs (WACS) and judges that came from around the world.

    “Don’t let anything stop you for being a part of chef’s movement and success. We, the Malaysia Chefs are proud to serve and support all chefs and industry”

    Thank you with friendship and culinary regards

    Best Regards,

    Kamaruddin Adnin
    President of Professional Culinaire AssociationMalaysia (PCA)
    Worldchef BattleField 2020, Malaysia