General Information & Competition Rules

General Information & Competition Rules

  • Event And Venue

    Worldchef Battlefield (WCB)- Champion of the Masters are invitation base competitions and open to teams of highest caliber and skill professionals chef either from national team, regional, city, hotel, or national chef association in Malaysia and other countries. WCB will be held at Grand Premiera Ballroom, Premiera Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 23rd-26th September 2020.

  • Team Composition

    Each competing team comprises of four (4) members-One Chef Commander (leader),two assistant chef and pastry chef. Chef Commander position must be minimum Sous Chef or above and must be nationality of the country, whereas there is no limit of age, position and nationality for the assistant and pastry chef. Female chef are encouraged and welcome to be the Chef Commander or among the team members. Chef Commander should be someone with solid craftsmanship, creative, strong cooking skills, well verse in multi cuisine and must be able to control, guide and lead the team. He is the key player and master of his team.

    Sixteen (16) invited professional culinary establishment from Malaysia, Continents of Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Oceania will be competing to clinch the world title of WORLDCHEF BATTLEFIELD-Champion of the Masters.

  • The Kitchen Arena

    Worldchef Battlefield (WCB) competition will be open to walk-in public spectators overlooking the kitchen arena for live view purposes. All competing teams are encouraged to bring along their media and supporters with banner and flags representing their teams. WCB will be live recorded and shall be prestigious and glorious platform for the global professional chefs to show their skills and craftmanship in culinary through global televison on a mass scale exposure.

  • The Format

    Competing teams will be divided into four (4) groups through ballot withdrawl with 4 teams in each group. Each teams will have to compete minimum two (2) times within 2 days in their group stage.The best two (2) with highest points from each group will proceed into round two (2) and will be divided into four (4) groups with two teams per group. The best one (1) team from each groups of four (4)will continue it’s journey into the grand finale. All competing teams will received medals and certificate based on points scored in their group stage challenge.

    Submission of a completed registration form shall constitute of, and agreement to, abide by the rules and regulations of the competition.

  • Team Arrival And Accomodation

    All foreign teams must arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, KLIA latest by 21st. September 2020. Teams must furnish the organizer with their flight itinerary to enable the WCB liason team to pick up the team to the official accomodation hotel.

    Organizer will provide complimentary rooms accomodation to international competing teams from 21st-27th. September 2020 (7 days x 6 nights x 2 double rooms)

  • The Programme

    Opening ceremony, team introduction and welcome dinner will be held on 22nd. September 2020. Attendance are compulsory to all competing teams. All teams are required to be at the venue at 18.00pm and must be in full uniform-white chef jacket, white apron, black pants, black shoes and chef hat.

    WCB Competition begins on 23rd. September at 07.00am and ends at 20.00pm daily, except for the last day on 26th. September when it will end earlier to cater for award and closing ceremony

    Closing ceremony and award presentation will be held at Premiera Hotel KL on 26th. September 2020. Competing teams have to ensure their presence to collect the award. All awards are to be accepted in chef uniforms with appropriate footwear. Any trophy/medal/certificate not accepted at the ceremony will be forfeited one month after the event.

  • Participant Dress Code

    Chef’s attire including proper footwear is required during the competition. Competing teams must wear only white chef jacket, white apron, black pants, black shoes and chef hat. Fancy and coloured chef jacket are strictly not allowed. However sponsors and organization logo are permitted on chef jacket

  • Registration Rules

    All competing teams to report at registration counter at least 30 minutes before the stipulated competition time. Competitors will only be allowed into the kitchen when competition commences.

  • Competition Challenge

    Competing teams will be given 150 minutes (2.5hrs ) for collecting ingredients from pantry, menu writing, cook and served 15 sets of 3 course menu, served individualy. 1 set for display and photo shoot, 9 sets for podium professional jury and 5 sets for invited guest/jury.

    Set Menu must include:

    • Warm or Cold Appetizer
    • Main Course
    • Dessert

    Appetizer to be served first, followed with the rest at every 15 minutes interval:

    • Appetizer – 2 hours from the start of competition
    • Main Course – 2 hours 15 minutes from the start of competition
    • Dessert – 2 hours 30 minutes from the start of competition

    All food must be edible

    Every dish must be bona fide (true) work of the team competitor. The Organiser reserves all rights to the menu submitted, photographs and videos taken at the event. Any publication, reproduction or copying of the materials can only be made with the organizer’s approval.

  • Kitchen Equipment

    Organizer will provide four(4) work station. Each work station will be equipped with:

    • 2 x Electric induction stove
    • 1 x 4 Stove burners
    • 1 x Electric deep fat fryer
    • 1 x Electric salamander
    • 2 x Stainless steel work table 1500mm
    • 1 x Robot coupe, food processor or similar model
    • 1 x Rational combi oven
    • 1 x Electric hand blender
    • 1 x Sous Vide Circulator
    • 1 x Sous Vide Vacum Sealers
    • 1 x 3 tier dish rack
    • 1 x Pastry mixing KitchenAid or similar model
    • 1 x 2 doors counter chiller
    • 1 x 2 doors reach-in freezer
    • 1 x Blast freezer ( to be shared)
    • 1 x Pot sink 1500mm bench
    • 1 x Vegetable/fruit sink washing sink
  • Kitchen Utensils

    Organizers will provide small cooking utensils as below for each work station

    • Sauce pot
    • Sauce pan
    • Saute pan
    • Frying pan
    • Stainless steel 1/1 full size GN tray
    • Stainless steel 1/1 full size GN pan
    • Stainless steel 1/2 half size GN pan
    • Stainless steel square roasting pan
    • Stainless steel conical strainer
    • Stainless steel round bowl
    • Meshed chinois strainer
    • Cutting board

    Competing teams must bring their own knives n small personal tools such whisk, spatula, spoons, silicon mould, food tong, cutters, pastry piping bag, noozles, mandoline, laddle, etc

  • Cooking Ingredients, Chinaware And Rules

    Organizers will provide all raw cooking ingredients-proteins, vegetables, fruits, dry items cooking oil, herbs & spices etc. All these ingredients will be stationed at open pantry marketplaces.Competing team will have access to the open pantry marketplaces where they can select a wide range of common ingredient to utilize in preparing their dishes. Competitors are not allow to bring any food ingredients into competition arena.

    Mystery ingredients will be given to competing teams during round two (2) and grand finale

    Organizer will provide all teams with all necessary and selections of crockeries for 15 portions x 3 courses

    Organizer will not be responsible for loss or breakage of teams belongings

    Hygiene and food safety are important. Competitors may be disqualified if food safety and hygiene are compromised

    Teams must ensure work station is cleaned and tidy after competition. All small tools and utensils must be washed and kept in the designated station. Judging will take into account the condition of the work station after your turn

    4 kitchen judges and 1 judge leader will be responsible to evaluate cleanliness, sanitation, professionals preparation, work habits, wastages, timing and used of ingredients.They will be remain in the kitchen the entire time of the competition. Other 9 judges will be podium tasting judges, under the direction of chief jury who will cast the deciding vote incase of a tie.

    Judges decision are final

    The Organizer reserves the right to rescind, modify or add on any of the above Rules and Regulations and their interpretation of these are final.

  • Judging Criteria

    Mise-en-place (0 - 10 points)
    Clear arrangement of materials. Clean working place, proper working position, clean work clothes, proper working technique. Planned arrangement of materials for trouble-free working and service; correct utilization of working time to ensure punctual completion.

    Correct Professional Preparation (0 - 25 points)
    Correct basic preparation of food, corresponding to today’s modern culinary art. Preparation should be by practical, acceptable methods that exclude unnecessary ingredients. Punctual delivery of each entry at the appointed time is required. Appropriate cooking techniques must be applied for all ingredients, including starches and vegetables. Kitchen organization, Food Hygiene is a must.

    Service (0 - 5 points
    As this is a time limit competition, participants are expected to show cooking skills. Your entry must not be completed with more than 10 minutes left on the clock.

    Arrangement & Presentation / Innovation (0 - 10 points)
    Clean arrangement, with no artificial garnishes and no time consuming arrangements. Exemplary plating to ensure an appetizing appearance is required.

    Taste (0 - 50 points)
    The typical taste of the food should be preserved. It must have appropriate taste and seasoning. In quality, flavor and color, the dish should conform to today’s standards of nutritional values.

  • Registration

    Official Registration Form needs to be completed and submitted before 31st April 2020.

    Confirmed competing teams are required to send two (2) types of photo:

    • Photo of Chef Commander (leader) high resolution full body in white chef jacket (not less than 1MB size)
    • Group Photo of Chef Commander(team leader) with his assistant and pastry chef in white chef jacket.This two (2) photo must be send by email to organizer before 1st. May 2020. Chef commander(leader) are required to submit his short profile (not more than 100 words)

    Submission of a completed registration form shall constitute of, and agreement to, abide by the rules and regulations of the competition.

  • Awards & Prizes

    Certificates of participation and achievement will be given to all competitors who have completed all their Worldchef Battlefield competition challenge. Respective medals and certificate will be awarded to competing team based on scoring points from group stage preliminary round.

    Respective Champion, 1st Runner-up, 2nd Runner-up and 3rd Runner-up will be awarded with cash prize, trophies, medals and certificate.

    • GOLD WITH DISTINCTION (100 points)
    • GOLD (90 - 99 points)
    • SILVER (80 - 89 points)
    • BRONZE (70 - 79 points)
    • DIPLOMA (60 - 69 points)
      Chef Commander(leader)will receive Champion Trophy, Medal and Certificate
      Team members will receive Medal and Certificate
      Competing teams will receive cash rewards of USD12,000.00
      Chef Commander(leader)will receive 1st-Runner-Up Trophy, Medal and Certificate
      Team members will receive Medal and Certificate
      Competing teams will receive cash rewards of USD5,000.00
      Chef Commander(leader)will receive 2nd-Runner-Up Trophy, Medal and Certificate
      Team members will receive Medal and Certificate
      Competing teams will receive cash rewards of USD3,000.00
      Chef Commander(leader)and team members will receive Medal and Certificate
      Competing teams will receive cash rewards of USD1,000.00
      Comes with Plaque and Certificate